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Crystals- the natural treasures bestowed by the Earth itself have captivated humanity’s imagination for centuries. Their enchanting allure transcends time and space, connecting us to a profound sense of wonder. As we delve into the rich tapestry of history, it becomes evident that crystals are so much more than just geological formations; they are ingrained in the cultural fabric of diverse civilizations as Myths and legends whispered tales through the ages. From the Egyptian tombs adorned with lapis lazuli and carnelian for protection and the afterlife to Sumerians who believed in crystals like hematite for healing, from ancient Aztecs and Mayans who revered jade as a life force embodiment to Romans who valued crystals as talismans for protection and good luck, crystals have held a revered place through centuries. These luminous gems weren’t mere ornaments; they acted as bridges connecting humanity to realms beyond and have always been guardians of spiritual realms.

Precious Crystals


Tiger Eye

Awareness And Personal Strength Ability To Discover New Ideas Protection Emotional And Mental Wellness



Helps in Intuition, Promotes Positive Thinking, Soothing, Spiritual Awareness, Wisdom, Relieves Stress And Strain

Pyrite tumble


Helps to Attract Money And Wealth Boost Mental Power Removes Nagative Energy Brings Luck And Properity Improve Intuitive Abilities

We work with experts, in order to create the most sophisticated pieces of lipsum

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