How are energised healing and cleansing stones customized for you?

No doubt every stone has its own power, but when they are energized with Hindu Mantras, their power intensifies. First of all, every single bracelet at NeVish is cleansed in the Holy Water of River Ganga at Haridwar or Rishikesh, Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Apart from that, if you buy an energized bracelet, whether it is for a specific purpose/intention or to align yourself with your planet, here is the ritual that is followed for every single energized bracelet you buy from NeVish, in association with Bless Future for healing

  • Every energized bracelet is cleansed in the flowing water of river Ganga.
  • Depending upon your request, the bracelet is then energized with Hindu Mantras in your name by tarot reader and spiritual healer Bhairavi Sharma.
  • If you have requested for your planetary bracelet, you receive an energized thread, along with the actual bracelet.

Please note that there are certain restrictions on diet, sexual activities and energy that need to be followed if you opt for your planetary bracelet.

From skin enhancement to spiritual progress, from evil eye protection to finances, from reconciling with your twinflame to attracting a healthy relationship, from weight loss to weight gain, an energized bracelet can help you like a therapist and your best friend.

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Awareness And Personal Strength Ability To Discover New Ideas Protection Emotional And Mental Wellness



Helps in Intuition, Promotes Positive Thinking, Soothing, Spiritual Awareness, Wisdom, Relieves Stress And Strain

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Helps to Attract Money And Wealth Boost Mental Power Removes Nagative Energy Brings Luck And Properity Improve Intuitive Abilities

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