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At Nevish Crystals, we’re passionate about nature’s beauty and mystical energies. Like the first rain’s captivating scent, blooming flowers’ freshness, and a warm campfire, crystals possess a unique power that touches our souls, bringing positive change to our lives. Our journey began in the diamond industry, where we admired their dazzling beauty and explored their energies based on astrological charts worldwide. This led us to a greater purpose – sharing the magic of gemstones crystals beyond diamonds. As our fascination with gemstones grew, we realized they’re more than mere adornments; they’re blessings that transform lives. Each crystal holds unique properties that harmonize and uplift spirits, radiating positivity and serenity. We firmly believe crystals choose us, guiding us to the one that aligns perfectly with our energies, embarking us on a life-changing journey. At Nevish Crystals, we strive to be your compass on this transformative path.

Our Story

A crystal Enthusiast with years of knowledge and expertise, Neha Vishwakarma comes across as a very humble person. She shares her journey from the beginning and how Nevish Crystals came to be today!

Her Fascination

It goes back to her childhood. From the very beginning, she has always felt connected to mother nature. She reminisces that her journey of becoming a crystal connoisseur started with her sensing Nature and its treasures hidden from the mundane eye. From earthy fragrances to listening soothing sounds of ocean waves to collecting rocks of sorts, she always felt mesmerized at discovering these hidden gems and her connection to them. She says it was one such moment that changed her life. While stone hunting, she chanced upon a beautiful piece of rock (later knew it to be crystal) which according to her had these beautiful bursts of sparkles when seen under the sunlight. This experience of her made her realize that there might be some hidden mystery in every rock. And, thus began a wonderful earthy quest to unravel mysteries of crystal which got further strengthened in later years.

Her Passion

Fast forward to a few years, while working as Sales head with a reputed diamond firm, her childhood fascination became her avid passion. While handling and learning about diamonds and their hidden mysteries, she realized that the diamond alone couldn’t be the stone with such enthralling beauty and enigmas. This realization made her explore more gemstones and their enigmas not only as jewelry but much beyond that. And a Kaleidoscope of Gem-Universe opened up in front of her!

Her Destiny

Destiny had a very strange way to meet you at the most unexpected time of your life. And something very similar happened to Neha! While facing one of the most turbulent times of her life, Neha got an opportunity to start her own diamond jewelry venture. In spite of everything in place, still, she was faced with the dilemma of what step to take next! And she quotes with a bright smile “Keeping all my doubts aside, I decided to seek Mahadev’s and Goddess Ganga’s blessings and went for a holy dip at Har ki Pouri, Haridwar. Strange as it may sound, everything became clear to me instantly as I received my true calling after the holy dip! The realization that my life’s purpose is to heal people through my knowledge of stones was where my calling is!” she smiles and continues “And I think this is how the idea for “Nevish Crystals” was born.”

Precious Crystals


Tiger Eye

Awareness And Personal Strength Ability To Discover New Ideas Protection Emotional And Mental Wellness



Helps in Intuition, Promotes Positive Thinking, Soothing, Spiritual Awareness, Wisdom, Relieves Stress And Strain

Pyrite tumble


Helps to Attract Money And Wealth Boost Mental Power Removes Nagative Energy Brings Luck And Properity Improve Intuitive Abilities

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